How to Connect a USB/Bluetooth RTK GNSS Receiver to Windows? (Accessing NTRIP Through an Android Phone’s Internet Connection)

Step-by-Step Setup Instructions:

Step 1:
Configuring NTRIP for the TOP608BT RTK GNSS Receiver using an Android device. Please follow this detailed step-by-step instruction guide.

Connecting a Bluetooth RTK GNSS Receiver to an NTRIP Mount Point via an Android Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 2:
Connect the TOP608BT RTK GNSS Receiver to a Windows 10/11 laptop by plugging in the USB connector. The device will be automatically recognized by Windows 10/11 without requiring any driver installation. For more information, please refer to this forum topic.

Congratulations! Your RTK GNSS receiver has been successfully set up. The highly accurate location data from the RTK GNSS receiver is now ready to be utilized by applications on your Windows 10/11 laptop.

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