Navisys GR-903, GR-9028, and GR-9029 side-by-side comparison table

Differentiating among the Navisys GR-903, GR-9028, and GR-9029 models may be overwhelming for new customers. To facilitate an easier comparison, we have put together a side-by-side table outlining their key features.

Product nameRTK Receiver (Base and rover) RTK Base StationRTK Data Logger
RTK Base (NTRIP Caster ready)Yes (Android, Windows)Yes (Android, iOS)No
RTK GNSS data loggerYes (Android)NoYes (Android, iOS)
RTK GNSS receiverYes (Android, Windows, Linux)NoYes (Android)
Comes with iOS APPNoYes (BLERTK)Yes (BLERTK)
Comes with Android APPYes (SPPRTK)Yes (BLERTK)Yes (BLERTK)
Location Sharing featureYes (By SPPRTK app -Android only)NoYes (By BLERTK app -Android only)
Physical ON/OFF buttonNoYesYes
Physical POI button (for waypoint collection)NoNoYes
Stateout functionYesNoYes
USB connectorType A (male) / power and dataType C (female) / charging onlyType C (female) / charging only
Bluetooth Protocol / ProfileSPPBLEBLE
Build-in rechargeable batteryNoYesYes
RTK protocolRTCM 3.3RTCM 3.3RTCM 3.3
RTK GNSS chipUblox F9PUblox F9PUblox F9P
Accuracy1.4cm (1cm + 1ppm)N/A1.4cm (1cm + 1ppm)
GNSS BandL1, L2 dual bandL1, L2 dual bandL1, L2 dual band

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