The Free NTRIP Caster from

You can easily register a free mount point on “RTK2go,” an Internet NTRIP Caster. To get started, simply complete and submit the “new base station reservation” form available at the following link:

In the form, provide your name, email address and mount point name as indicated in the screenshot below. It’s important to keep this information on file, as you’ll need them later for configuring the NTRIP settings for your RTK Base or Rover.

For the other fields in the form, you can leave them as they are and then click the “Send” button to submit.

After submitting the form, you’ll soon receive an email from RTK2go. Kindly respond to the email to confirm the validity of the provided email address.

Now, you can start using the RTK2go mount point with the temporary password. Currently, they utilize “WEEK2234” as the default password, although please note that it may have been updated by the time you read this. 

RTK2go will send you a permanent password via email soon after. Your very own NTRIP Caster mount point on the internet is up and running.

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