We Launched our own NTRIP Caster SAAS platform today!

Today, we launched our first NTRIP Caster SAAS platform, GeoAstra. This platform offers a free worldwide NTRIP Caster service for everyone. And a secure commercial-grade NTRIP service for business customers. For more details, please visit the GeoAstra official website.

GeoAstra is the software development division of our parent company, Canada GPS. GeoAstra NTRIP Caster is our first SAAS product, but it won’t be the last. We have several other SAAS systems in development that will soon be available. Our goal is to make high-accuracy positioning technology both affordable and easy to use, broadening its application and impact.

The launch of GeoAstra marks an important milestone for our company as we transition from a GNSS hardware vendor to a comprehensive high-accuracy positioning solution provider.

—Jack Wu (Director, GPSWebShop)

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