This is probably the most affordable tri-band RTK Base Station in the world.

The C2-M2X Board, which incorporates the ByNav M20 RTK GNSS modules, is likely the most affordable tri-band RTK base station in the world. This board supports L1, L2, and L5 bands, with a substantial 1507 channels and accuracy of 1cm, all at a cost of just US$179.

Featuring a USB-C interface, the C2-M2X ensures effortless connectivity and power supply. Its use as an RTK base station represents a significant advancement. Unlike most dual-band RTK bases, the tri-band capability and the larger number of channels enable the device to detect more satellites and select the strongest signals. This enhancement substantially improves the quality of RTCM correction data provided.

This is particularly relevant if your RTK rover also operates on a tri-band system. Using a dual-band RTK base with a tri-band rover results in underutilization of the rover’s capabilities, as it cannot receive corresponding RTMC data from certain satellites. To maximize the potential of your tri-band RTK rover, pairing it with a tri-band RTK base like the C2-M2X is essential.

For more detailed information about the C2-M2X board, please visit here.

For guidance on setting up the C2-M2X as an RTK base, refer to the instructions available here.

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