GPSWebShop Offers Free NTRIP Caster Service

Nowadays, acquiring an RTK Base and Rover GNSS system is more affordable. However,  to establish your own end-to-end network base RTK solution, you not only need a RTK Base and Rover, but also a NTRIP caster on the internet to act as the communication “middle man”. 

Setting up and managing an NTRIP Caster can be challenging, necessitating substantial knowledge of both RTK systems and internet technology.

To help customers overcome this hassle, GPSWebShop offers our NTRIP Caster service at no additional cost to customers who purchase any RTK product from our store. This initiative is part of our commitment to making RTK technology more user-friendly and cost-effective. For more information on our Free NTRIP Caster Service, please visit our product page.

Compared to other free NTRIP Caster services available, such as those from Emlid and RTK2go.  Ours has the below technical advantages:

  • Compatibility with both NTRIP Versions 1 and 2.
  • Secure connections supported by HTTP and HTTPS (TLS/SSL).
  • Capability to support up to 1,000 concurrent rover connections.
  • The inclusion of a sourceTable feature for easy querying.

In essence, while any of these three free Ntrip casters, including ours, would sufficiently meet your NTRIP needs, the choice ultimately depends on your preference.

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