Gintec G40 Survey RTK GNSS Receiver: Triple-band, 1480 channels, 0.8 cm accuracy, and advanced AR Visual Stakeout – Available at only $3,590

Key advantages:

AR (Augmented Reality): 

The G40 AR GNSS receiver, with its AR technology, enhances surveying by overlaying real-time digital information onto the physical world, offering precise location visualization with professional-grade clarity, and eliminating outdated methods for superior accuracy.

RTK tilt measurement

The GINTEC G40 RTK offers precise, calibration-free tilt measurement with its advanced IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and tilt compensation, enhancing efficiency by 30% and ensuring reliable surveying. Ready for tilt survey straight out of the box.

G-FIX Technology (Ensuring Uninterrupted Precision in RTK Data Disruptions)

When RTK/RTCM correction data is lost or interrupted for any reason, G-FIX Technology effectively mitigates this loss or disruption for up to 10 minutes. This significantly reduces RTK downtime and enhances accuracy stability. 

Check out this latest top-tier survey RTK GNSS – surprisingly budget-friendly at under $4,000. Check it out here.

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