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Issue with Decimal Places in Coordinates?

I received my GR-9029. Using an rtk base station and Bluetooth connection has gone very well.
I'm having trouble transferring my point data accurately.
I collected the locations of a few lamp posts on campus today (see attached screen shot). The points seem to capture as intended on the app but when transferring the data, the .ubx file (and any other file format) doesn't include enough lat and lon decimal digits to capture the points that I see in the app.
For example, the .kml file results in this display in Google Earth (see attached). And the .csv file only includes decimal lat and lon that are all the same or very similar for each point I thought I was collecting.
Do you have any advice on exporting more accurate point data from the app?
I am collecting each point by holding the antenna at the point and clicking the button on the attached cord. I see the "Log" option that can be toggled on at the top of the screen but haven't messed with that.
Thank you for your help.

Thanks for the feedback. After checking the iOS version APP, we do find the 6 decimal places issue for csv, kml, and gpx files.

The ubx file is actually with sufficient accuracy. For example, in following sentence


    Latitude (ddmm.mmmmm) 3337.26025 expressed in degree is 33 + 37.26205 / 60 = 33.621034167

    Longitude (dddmm.mmmmm) 08352.19169 expressed in degree is 83 + 52.19169 / 60 = 83.869861583

The default decimal places of the conversion library for iOS is 6. We will rewrite the APP to convert it with 8 decimal places for csv, kml, and gpx files.

The updated APP will also show coordinates for those points created by the tag function (button on the cord pressed).

We are sorry for the inconvenience and will post again if the APP is updated.