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Why isn't my P-1 Mark II operating at a 10Hz log rate?

We did a test run where we measured data for a few minutes. The time stamps would be for example 171915 (no millisecond resolution) and there would be 5 samples for second 15, 7 samples for second 16, 9 samples for 17, 4 for 17, etc. There was not 10 samples per second nor millisecond resolution.


Can you explain this issue? Is this expected? We are expecting 10 samples per second with millisecond resolution (second 15.0, 15.1, 15.2…..).

As you may already know from the technical specifications of the P-1 Mark II (, to enable 10Hz logging, you need to configure the device in single constellation mode, specifically GPS. To do this, please make sure the following settings are in the config.txt file:


Please refer to the screenshot below for guidance.

By applying these two settings, the device should not miss any log points.

Just a friendly reminder, please make sure that the speedMark is set to OFF. Also, please keep in mind that if the device is not moving and you are using the CSV format, it will not log 10 waypoints/second. However, if you use the NMEA format, this symptom won't occur.

If you are using the P-1 (instead of P-1 mark II), please note that P-1 is a GPS device and comes with a single constellation. In this case, simply setting LogMode=10Hz will enable the 10Hz logging.

Additionally, if you want to log in milliseconds, please set the log format to NMEA, which supports recording 3 digits after the decimal point.

The engineer’s response answered my question, thank you! Changing the logging format to NMEA fixed the issue.

I appreciate the speedy help!