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Which NTRIP correction services do you recommend for GR-9029?

We highly suggest the GR-9028 Portable RTK Base for your very own NTRIP correction service. It works perfectly with the GR-9029 RTK Rover to give you a complete RTK solution. Set up quickly, flexible NTRIP caster mount point, and easily deploy it near your rovers for super accurate correction data. This will totally revolutionize your RTK needs. See it here and regain control of your RTK solution!

Other than GR-9028, there are still many NTRIP correction services publicly available. Free of charge or by a small fee. They share correction data over the Internet. This technology is called NTRIP.  NTRIP is a good option for areas with 3G/4G LTE/5G network coverage and a vast network of NTRIP bases nearby. 

Below are the NTRIP correction service sources for your reference: 
Rtk2go (free service, world wide coverage)
UNAVCO (free service, US coverage)
A List of Public RTK Base Stations in the U.S.