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My device is having trouble entering RTK mode.

My device is having trouble entering RTK mode. Even though the BASE: status says "DATA_MODE" and I see an active Byte Rate:, I can never acheive "FIXED_RTK" and instead I only get "FIXED_GPS". I've attached screenshots. 

Thank you for your help. 

According to your data, following reasons may result GR-9029 unable to enter into RTK mode.


  1. The distance (483 KM) of GR-9029 is too far away from the RTK BASE. This long distance does not fit the requirements of RTK baseline. It will be suggested to use a RTK BASE within 20 KM. The shorter the RTK fix is faster and accuracy is better.
  2. According to your screen shot photo, there are only 10 satellites. Its accurday is about 170 cm. It may be that GR-9029 is not located in the environments of open sky. It will be suggested that you do the test again under open sky.