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How do I start recording race data?

a. Please go to the AppStore or Goolge Play to download and complete the installation of the QRacing App on your Mobile phone. *Require OS version: iOS 11.0 or above( iPhone 5S or newer); Android OS 6.0 or later (Suggest version is 8.0 or later with 4GB RAM models).
b. Open the BL-818GT and make a note of the device serial number listed on the warranty card, and confirm that your mobile phone's Bluetooth is on and remains connected to the network.
c. For the first time, please open the QRacing App and sign up for the Qstarz free account.
d. Open QRacing APP and log in to your account. Search for BL-818GT by QRacing APP>Settings>GPS Device>Add GPS Device. After finding your device serial number in the search list, click “OK” to complete the binding.
e. Please install the device and mobile phone in your car or motorbike properly (please refer to the Quick Start Guide for the installation)
f. After ensuring that the device is GPS fixed (in an outdoor open sky environment), the green LED on the BL-818GT will remain steady on after GPS fixed, and the QRacing App can be ready to record and analyze your race.