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Can I use the Qstarz BL-818GT and BL-1000GT as GNSS receivers on Android?

I've learned that the "GPS Connector" app has now added support for Qstarz Bluetooth BLE GNSS devices like BL-818GT and BL-1000GT. This addition is labeled as a "Premium feature" in the app, meaning it's not available in the free version. In essence, this feature enables users to utilize their Qstarz BL-1000GT and BL-818GT BLE GNSS as GNSS receivers for apps on their Android devices.

I've yet to thoroughly explore this feature on my own, but I wanted to pass along this information. I've attached some screenshots for better clarity. If anyone here has experience with this feature, it would be great to hear your feedback in this thread.

I wanted to share a video that demonstrates the use of the Qstarz BLE receiver with this feature. The video was recorded by an engineer at Qstarz.